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Атом – абсорбцион спектрофотометр

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA-7000 Series Shimadzu

Environmental factors: assessment of air quality, working environment and indoor air quality;

Qualitative analysis of liquids: analysis of drinking water, surface and sewage, waste water from enterprises, technical water analysis and quality indicators;

Biological fluids: in the evaluation of metals in the blood and urine of workers working in hazardous and hazardous working environments;

Determination of soil contamination and evaluation of soil quality;

Other additions: It allows you to evaluate different quantitative and qualitative indicators in other industries, such as food and medicine.

“UV-1280 спектрометри”

UV-1280 Spectrophotometer Shimadzu

Environmental analysis: assessment of water turbidity; assessment of contamination by phosphates and nitrates of various water sources (drinking water, sewage, etc.); in the detection of galvanic elements; quantitative and qualitative determination of iron, copper, arsenic and ammonia.

Qualitative Analysis of Foods: Determining the amount of coloring additives in food; Determining the quantity and quality of vitamins, minerals and supplements contained in foodstuffs;

Biological fluid analysis: determination of protein content and quality indicators in fluids; in various protein reactions analyzes.


“Газ хроматографи”

Gas Chromatography Shimadzu

Assessment of quantitative and quantitative analysis of volatile organic compounds (benzene, toluene, indole, formaldehyde, ketanol, scatol, phenol, etc.) in the environment or working environment;

Assessment of air quality in newly built habitats;

Industrial enterprises, mainly producing synthetic chemicals and preparations, evaluate air quality;

Assessment of air quality in industrial sectors where the technology of production and production of various chemicals during the manufacturing process is present;

Assessment of atmospheric emissions from vehicles and other open pollution sources;

All manufacturing enterprises are assessing the impact of chemicals on the working environment in the working environment.

GT-331-Чангланганликни аниқлаш асбоби

“GT-331(PM-10) SERIES INSTRUMENT Fine dust Micrometer

Helps in quantitative and quantitative assessment of dust and environmental pollution in the working environment. The device usually automatically tests air and analyzes the results.

The results are obtained according to the size of the dust at 1pm, 2.5 pm, 7.5 pm and 10 pm (visual particulate matter – solid particles).



The luxury TES 1330A measures the level of natural, artificial and mixed lighting in the living, study rooms and work areas. The main advantages of the equipment are: measuring the level of illumination in the workplace; measuring the level of coverage in educational institutions; measurement of illumination in residential and living areas; Measuring the level of coverage in industrial and labor-related facilities.
TES 1357-Шовқин даражасини ўлчаш асбоби


The TES 1357-Noise Measurement Tool is intended for measuring the noise level in various industrial enterprises, residential, public places, educational institutions and other public places.
FRD 400-РАДОН миқдорини ўлчаш асбоби


Equipment for reducing the amount of radon in industrial and residential areas. The principle of operation is simple and provides hourly, daily radon concentrations on the screen for at least 3 hours of air sampling.
PPM-Формальдегид миқдорини ўлчаш асбоби

PPM Formaldemetr

It is designed to determine the amount of formaldehyde in various industrial facilities, residential and public buildings. It measures formaldehyde concentrations from 0 to 10 ppm and presents the results on display.
Ҳарорат, намлик ва – CO2ни аниқлаш асбоби

Thermo – Hygro – CO2 meter

Ability to detect room temperature, humidity and amount of CO2 gas indoors at the same time. Working techniques are easy to present and display results in about 4-5 minutes on average.


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